The bikinis of 2020 left us much to be desired since we could not enjoy them all thanks to the pandemic. The time has come for you to learn how to wear a bikini that really flatters your bust, here we will take care of teaching you all the tips to make your bust look prominent and beautiful.

What type of bikini or swimsuit to use to appear more bust?

Surely you have tired of doing Google searches that say: which bikini to wear if I have a low bust, which bikini to use if I have no bust, best bikinis for low bust, bikinis for women with little bust, bikini for small breasts and even padded bikinis for little chest. The truth is that none of these searches will actually help you.

If the question that haunts you on the days when you want to go to the pool or beach is how to appear more bust with a swimsuit, the answer to this solution is to know your body type to know how you can balance it and make a part stand out more than the other, in this case your bust.

To balance your bust and enjoy bikinis that increase the bust, you must follow a series of tips. If your body is of the pear type or in a triangular shape and all the prominence of your body goes to your hips and not to your bust, what you should do is a work of volume compensation.

The inverted triangle body should avoid using light colors, patterns, rhinestones, patterns, details and ties at the bottom of the swimsuit. You will be able to highlight your bust and balance it if you use bright colors at the top, ruffles, rhinestones, straight necklines or narrow and closed swimsuits at the top.

These tips apply to any body if what you want is to highlight the bust, if your body considers other needs, let play again with the volume compensation. They are not exact rules, you just have to look closely.

How to increase the bust with a bathing suit if I have a small chest

The fact of how to lift the bust in a swimsuit is a challenge for us who even feel a little self-conscious with this part of our body.

You must understand that increasing the bust does not work magically with a garment, there are things that help you to volume this part of your body in an incredible way, but if what you want is a prominent bust, what you should do is consult a surgeon.

If, on the other hand, you only want your body to look beautiful and balanced, you can increase the visibility of your bust with creative, eye-catching swimsuits, in luminescent colors, with ruffles, additions, creative and ruffled necklines, super striking prints, in such a way that the protagonist in a bathing suit is your bust.

To adorn your bust much more, you can use a kimono as it will cover the lower part and will make your bust stand out.

We also do not recommend that you go overboard and use a very tight or low-cut swimsuit because you will only damage your body, be uncomfortable or look vulgar. Love your body as it is, loving your body you can achieve much more than you imagine.

What types of Push up Bikinis exist?

In short, the bikinis that favor little chest will always be the bikinis that have push up on the inside of the bikini bra. The truth is that this type of bikini can be found in all types.

The push up bikinis are very common, there are even bikinis that have an opening on the side where the pads are or push up, if this padding does not suit you enough, you can simply buy the pads you need and place them.

In the same way, if you love a bikini that does not have a push up, you can buy the one you like and put the push up yourself with just a needle and thread.

You can also find full body bikinis, with a V-neckline, and closed bikinis with push up, there are even bikinis that have push up and ruffles, which would be a double addition to the goal of favoring and volume your small bust.