Paper bags are a trend that combines chic with versatility and comfort. The name is because of how loose it can be, the shape they have and how they fit at the top as if it were a bag.

The paper bag style can come in jeans, pants or shorts, perfect for any type of body, such as skinny and chubby. Also for any type of occasion and that is what makes them much more interesting.

The paper bag pants can be used in winter or summer, as they create a super stylish, comfortable and chic style. Without a doubt an excellent alternative to dress and look good.

What are paper bag pants and how to use them?

The paper bag pants are characterized by having a straight cut with a high waist, and being quite baggy (this depending on the style or design).

The paper bags have a belt or a belt at the waist to be able to tie them. This belt is made of the same fabric as the pants itself, when adjusted it wrinkles a bit and the waist is perfectly marked.

You can wear these pants at any part of the day and for any occasion. Since as I said before they are quite versatile and can be elegant or comfortable depending on how you combine them.

Tips for carrying paper bag pants

To make different ideas of outfits with paper bag pants or jeans you should take into account a couple of things before. Well, if it is true that they are quite easy to combine but there are some small rules or tips that are very important when dressing them.

If you are going to use long shirts, try to put them inside the pants, since this way you will mark your waist much more using the paper bag pants with a belt. If, on the other hand, you let it fall and cover the belt, you will rather add volume in that area and subtract style completely.

Tight tops or blouses go very well with this type of pants. Of course you can complete with a jacket, but always keep in mind that in the waist area volume is not added but rather subtracted.

Almost any type of boots or shoes fit very well, especially high-heeled ankle boots and paper bag pants with tennis shoes, as they add good style. What you should be aware of is the cut of the boot, whether it is very long and wide or not.

Make sure the skin shows a little. I mean by showing the ankle a bit to create a well-stylized and chic look.

The pants by itself attracts attention, for this I recommend you not to add many elements or pieces of clothing to the set that you are going to create. And not too loaded accessories.

Take into account the colors and textures to combine with these pants. Of course also the occasion to know how it is correct to dress.

How to combine paper bag pants

Here are some basic ideas for combining paper bag pants in any type of situation. If you do not have any of the clothes mentioned for the combination, there is no problem because they are only basic.

By this I mean that you can use similar garments or that go hand in hand with the main idea that is mentioned. So that later you yourself create something much better.

White blouse tucked inside gray, beige or pink paper bag pants, plus white sneakers. Add accessories like a skin-colored side pouch, a scarf, glasses, and rings with bracelets.

Dark gray tops that reach the waist, long sleeves, with a preferred neckline. Plus the beige paper bag pants, boot shorts, and black ankle-length ankle boots with a little heel. Add an accessory such as a side bag, earrings, sunglasses and rings.

Dress shirt with black buttons, which is a little tight to the body inside the paper bag trousers of earth or beige color. And some black heels with very simple shots. Add gold accessories, a bag and if you want a blazer.