Scarves or handkerchiefs are a necessary element in winter or cold weather that can be used by both men and women.

But it also turns out that it is a very modern accessory that provides a very elegant and sophisticated style. Much more without are quite long scarves or silk scarves.

This fashion emerged with much more force in the twentieth century. Where it was taken as a true accessory that represents glamor.

Thanks to the wide variety of scarves and handkerchiefs available according to their textures, designs and colors, we can choose the one that best suits our style.

Better ways to wear a scarf

Now we show you the best ways to wear or put on a modern fabric, cotton or hand-woven scarf, so you can show off a really stylish look.

Option 1: You will position the scarf that you have chosen along the length. Then you will pass it around your neck starting from the front. Crossing the two ends of it at the nape of the neck and bringing them forward again. Later you will make a knot that is not too tight, and finally, you will adjust the scarf a little.

Option 2: You will take the scarf and fold it in half. You will pass it around your neck from the back, dropping the two loose ends and the part of the loop forward. Then you will pass one of the ends inside this loop. And after this you will take the lower part of the curve to pass the other end of the scarf there.

Option 3: You will put the scarf around the neck as in the first option. You will loosen the end that covers the neck from the front leaving a considerable space. Then you will cross it with each other, leaving as a loop to pass the two loose ends of the scarf through there. To finish you adjust a little and that’s it.

Option 4: Surround your neck indicating the nape of the neck, leaving the loose ends to fall in the front. Then you will tie a knot with these two parts right there, arrange a little and that’s it, it’s that simple.

How to wear a silk scarf to fit you

See how to use silk scarves or other materials so that it fits you well and you can show off a sophisticated style.

  1. Glue the scarf around the neck, and then tie a knot in the front. You can tie this knot on one side or in the center of the neck to give the look much more sophistication.
  2. You can use it as a scarf on your hair. While it is loose, with a hairstyle or as a ponytail by dropping the two ends.
  3. Use a square-shaped scarf to fold it into a triangle. Then place it on the neck with the triangular point facing the front and secure it with a knot at the nape of the neck.
  4. Repeat the previous step until you place the scarf with the triangular tip on the front of the neck. Then you will cross the two ends at the nape of the neck to bring them forward again. And finish with a knot. It can be placed above or below this tip.

You will place the handkerchief lengthwise, you will pass it over the nape of the neck, bringing the two ends forward. Then you will cross those two parts with each other and you will take them back again. Finally you tie them with a knot and that’s it.

What are the types of scarves and kerchiefs that exist?

There are a variety of handkerchiefs and scarves for men and women, with different textures, colors and fabrics. So we leave you the types that there are.

  • Fishnet scarves, used mostly as an accessory.
  • Classic rectangular scarves, cashmere is one of the most prestigious.
  • Fabric scarf.
  • Cotton scarf.
  • Blanket type scarves.
  • Scarf with bold or sloppy
  • Boa
  • Crochet scarves.
  • Chiffon scarves.
  • Silk scarves.
  • Velvet scarves.
  • Bandana type scarf.
  • Woven scarves.
  • Rustic material
  • Scarves with prints.
  • Pashmina scarf.

While there is a wide variety of scarves and scarves to choose from. You can even make your own by learning how to knit a scarf with needles or crochet a pattern for ease.