Combining the bag with the outfit that you are going to use can be quite easy. In addition there are many types and colors to choose from.

According to an old fashion, it was said that they should “combine shoes and a bag” or that “the wallet was combined with the shoes” because that way everything was much more uniform. However, this idea has completely changed, and that is why it remains in the past. Doing it today would be a bit old-fashioned.

Although fashion has had a great impact where it has led to the combination of different colors, imagination and new ideas, and versatility. So creating a suitable look goes beyond rules or paradigms, and more to the creativity you have to combine clothing items.

However, there may be doubts as to what should I combine the bag with? Or how to carry the wallet? And it is that yes, fashion may have changed but knowing what type of wallet combines with everything or which is the best for our look can be a bit difficult. And for this I leave you some tips and combinations below.

What types of bag go with everything?

To learn to combine colors it is important to know what your style is, because depending on this you can choose the ones that best suit you. Always keep in mind the contrast and shades so that you use the bag for different occasions. Now look at the following tips to use and select a portfolio for you.

Shoulder bag in brown or black is a good alternative for any type of style, especially if it is bohemian. You can find it in many presentations and colors to choose the one that most resembles you.

The Flap bag is a good choice for all styles. It can really be accommodated well thanks to its versatility and elegance.

Tote bags are undoubtedly another great proposal, they easily combine with any type of look. And they come in presentations of fabric or rigid materials.

Small shoulder bag in bright or neutral colors goes very well for the style that contrasts with any of those and their designs.

The cross body bag in light colors provides a very elegant and sophisticated style. It can be combined with many styles and brings true perfection.

The boso type envelope is a good alternative that does not go out of style. Although it is much more accommodating to situations at night, it can be quite practical for casual outings.

Minaudiere bags provide a combination of simplicity, detail, elegant, feminine and cute. So it is another good option to choose.

The mini bags are perfect for any occasion and match perfectly with any look. If you opt for a striking and vibrant color, I recommend using garments in soft or neutral tones.

Other bags are: satchel bags, belt bags, backpack type, doctor, quilted, and bucket bag. To make a good color contrast, I recommend the following:

  • Garments in soft colors such as beige, white or black, with wallets in striking tones such as red, blue, green or yellow.
  • Garments in vibrant and striking colors with a portfolio of neutral and calm colors such as beige, earth, white or black.
  • Pastel colored garments with handbags of other similar shades, for example: pink blouse, jenas and white boots, with a pastel blue bag.

Tips for combining your bags with other accessories

I leave you some tips below to combine your bags or purses with other accessories very well to make a perfect look:

  1. Something basic that you can do is use them according to the tonality of the bag or that they go in the same color palette as it.
  2. Opt for gold or silver accessories, undoubtedly a classic that never fails.
  3. Make contrasts. For example, use a blue wallet with accessories with yellow or purple details, keep in mind the shades.

How to combine a brown bag

Combining a brown bag or a brown leather wallet is pretty easy. I leave you some tips right here:

  • Light
  • Soft and fresh
  • You don’t necessarily have to match it with the color of your shoes.
  • It goes well with jeans.
  • Style fresh and relaxed.

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